>Cursed Part… Oh forget it… I’m just freaking cursed, alright?

>So, what I haven’t mentioned quite yet is that there has been a Buddy3. He was very nice and we ate pizza. I think though that I was a lame date that night. I was pretty tired and I realised afterwards that I answered more questions than I asked. Oopsie. I like to talk about myself, and when I’m tired I’ll do that without thinking. We’ve been in touch since via email, but I don’t necessarily see a second date coming. He has the potential to be normal and I don’t hear from him? Cursed.

But there is another part of the Curse. The date with Buddy2 went well, so I decided I would meet him again. He is a very sweet guy: I suggested that we go for Italian somewhere near his place (he lives in Victoria, about halfway from work to home for me) and he did research. He walked around the area and then went online and found a menu. How stinking cute is that? We had a great meal and a nice night. I’m even beginning to think that I could move past the deafness if he is really cool even though it would mean never sharing rad music with him (which is important to me) or going to the cinema and stuff.

So… what about the Curse? I wouldn’t be writing about this if there wasn’t something wrong… right?

Sigh. Right.

Well, here’s the Curse, and something that I wasn’t really expecting. The problem is that he likes me. No, no. Really likes me. As in… sigh. Okay, so when you sign up for Match (I’ll explain just in case aren’t desperate enough to shop for dates online and don’t know how it works) they email you profiles that match what you are looking for in a date. Well, I guess Buddy2 got one of these messages, and I was one of his matches (note: he isn’t one of mine). So he clicked on my picture and noticed that I’ve been active lately on the site. So, I guess he hasn’t been. Oops.

He emailed me to let me know that he isn’t upset by this, but sad. Apparently, after just two freaking dates, he thought things were more serious than I do. I’m still checking out other dudes on my way to meet him… he’s picking out fucking china patterns.

Now, I do realise that this could be something wrong with me. I shouldn’t find him less attractive just because he likes me. And don’t even start in on me… I’m not scared. I just don’t trust that someone could get so involved so quickly. Especially someone who could like me that quickly. I pride myself on being a bit caustic and a bit of a bastard. Maybe that isn’t coming across because I have to write everything down. And writing down all the extra swear words I would normally use to distance myself is just too much of an effort when trying to communicate with a pen and paper.

I’ve emailed him back tonight to let him know that I do think he’s cool, but I don’t think he should be thinking about honeymoon destinations just yet. We’ll see how that goes. I tried to not be an asshole about it. But sometimes I’m kind of an asshole.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet on the dating front. I’ve been more wound up with work and flat-hunting to pursue much more meat at the moment. EW! I can’t believe I just referred to dating as “pursuing meat”. I probably deserve to be Cursed….

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