Further Immaturity

At what age do normal people grow up?  Because I’ve spent a good deal of this week manipulating an image of the world to show which countries we currently work in for a presentation. And I can’t help but notice how many countries look like wangs. Like Norway and Sweden, hanging out up at the top of Europe. Have a look at a map. Another good one is the southern-most… uh… tip (heh heh) of Brazil if you include Uraguay.  I can’t believe how immature I can be sometimes.

5 responses to “Further Immaturity

  1. Hey! Who`s country are you calling a wang? What is a wang anyway??

  2. Apparently it is a word that only I use meaning "penis". 😛

  3. Oh good I tougth it might be something offensive..

  4. Do you know that person or do they search the net randomly, looking to uphold the honour of their wangesque countries?!
    What about Italy?  A pretty deformed wang, I\’ll grant you, but a wang all the same.  Don\’t give me this "boot" shit.

  5. I know that person! I met her and her family in Langkawi at Zach\’s, Christmas (I didn\’t say "Xmas" just for you, B) 2006. She\’s a lovely person. She just happens to live in a wangish country.

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