>Further immaturity

>At what age do normal people grow up? Because I’ve spent a good deal of this week manipulating an image of the world to show which countries we currently work in for a presentation. And I can’t help but notice how many countries look like wangs. Like Norway and Sweden, hanging out up at the top of Europe. Have a look at a map. Another good one is the southern-most… uh… tip (heh heh) of Brazil if you include Uraguay. I can’t believe how immature I can be sometimes.

Original Comments:

Ann Elin wrote (on 23/02/08):
Hey! Who`s country are you calling a wang? What is a wang anyway??

Jodi-Wan wrote (on 23/02/08):
Apparently it is a word that only I use meaning “penis”. 😛

Ann Elin wrote (on 24/02/08):
Oh good I thought it might be something offensive..

Brendan wrote (on 05/03/08):
Do you know that person or do they search the net randomly, looking to uphold the honour of their wangesque countries?!

What about Italy? A pretty deformed wang, I’ll grant you, but a wang all the same. Don’t give me this “boot” shit.

Jodi-Wan wrote (on 14/03/08):
I know that person! I met her and her family in Langkawi at Zach’s, Christmas (I didn’t say “Xmas” just for you, B) 2006. She’s a lovely person. She just happens to live in a wangish country.

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