>Again – smartest wee monkeys in the world


I emailed Jessica to tell her that I heard the sad news about the Namdaemun fire. Here’s her reply:

Dear Jodi teacher

HI,it was very awful,awful happining.The police think that someone burned it because there were ladder and 2 lighter.Some poeple also saw a man climbed the ladder.the firefighters had hard time puring water so that the fire would die because they didn’t exactly know what part was butning!!!How ashame!! The koreans are in a bad mood. their mind are full of sadness,furious and deploring.My family is one of them.My grandfather estimate it would be North korean,.Japanese or Chinese.Doesn’t it make quite sense?Also he is guessing that it might be the person who has a bad feeling about new government and try to insult them by making social confusing and furious.I do not hope it don’t invilve any politicaleffect because that is nothing to do with new government and the soon will Namdamun be fine take a shape as it did .Bye! Take Care!

Full of Love, Jessica

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