Cursed – Part Deux Point Five

I’m not calling this "Cursed Part Three" as the date on Saturday didn’t go all that badly. You know, considering.
First, I took it as a bad sign that I wasn’t excited or nervous all day on Saturday. I puttered around the house, goofed off, played guitar, and finally realised late in the day that I might want to shower and stuff. So I finally did that and left at the last possible minute.  I was still on time… but I’m usually early.
I couldn’t find the exact street Buddy2 told me to meet at, as the area around Charing Cross Road is busy. But I sent him a text message telling him exactly where I was and he came and got me. Which is a good start – at least he wasn’t late like the last guy.  And he’s pretty cute, also not like the last guy.
Through gesture and a notepad, we headed to a restaurant in Chinatown.  Communicating with Buddy2 wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn’t as easy as just being able to speak to someone.  We went to a very good restaurant with fantastic dimsum, which I love.  We "chatted" throughout the meal using a notepad. I’ve learned some sign language already.  He’s already learned my facial gesture for "huh?"
Although he couldn’t speak, he was very kind and pretty funny.  One thing I can share is this:  I don’t know how we got on the subject (no, really, it isn’t as though we were "talking" about it!) that things in the USA and the UK are spelled differently (although I think it came about from both of us being horrible spellers).  I was listing some of them; colour/color, cheque/check, neighbour/neighbor, doughnut/donut… and he added Blair/Bush.  Which is pretty funny. In fact, I might use that one some day.
After dinner we walked to a pub and had a pint and continued writing out our conversations. Walked to the train station and said goodnight.
There are some minor red flags with this guy: he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t eat spicy food, he doesn’t know how awesome Radiohead is.  He also makes me feel bad about myself because I do think that if he wasn’t deaf I would be more interested. But I can’t really imagine, I don’t know, like… getting married and stuff because it is too hard to be witty and/or sarcastic and/or cynical when you have to write everything down. Even if he learns to read lips, I’ll have to learn to speak slowly.  I’ll never get to chat with him about stupid stuff after lights out. I’ll never be able to argue how Travis is a much better band than Coldplay musically even if Coldplay is doing better commercially. Although he’d be the one guy who wouldn’t have anything smart-ass to say about my guitar playing.
For now, I’m leaving it like this: I’ve agreed to see him again, and I’m trying to be open-minded. But I’m pretty good about sussing dudes out right away and in the end I think that beyond him not being able to hear the melodious sound of my voice (shut up, Brendan), I don’t know if he and I have enough in common.
In the meantime, there are a few other Buddys waiting for me to email them back.  Out of the three, at least 2.5 of them may be wankers, and apparently 2 of them definitely are.
I’m such an ass. I probably deserve to be cursed…

One response to “Cursed – Part Deux Point Five

  1. You do deserve to be cursed.
    How do you know when I\’m thinking a smart comment?!  You\’re nearly always spot on.
    You do talk a lot after lights out.  It\’d never work.

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