They Still Get to Me…

I still get emails from a few of the kids, and they still amaze me. They are so smart! Here is a recent one from Jessica. Remember, she’s only 10 now and Korean. I thought she had some good points….

Dear Jodi  teacher

Hi,teacher! I wasn’t able to write longer because my sister had to use for her study. In korea,The government is trying to force learning English because they think  learning English is the way to survive from the changing world.Because of this,they are looking for some good teachers and they are trying to make the class working with full of English.there will also much English time to study.It is a big change,isn’t? I agree that we should learn English but I am worrying that maybe Korea became too  Americanized and lose our language.Learning languages mean learning their culture as you know.You don’t want to lose your country to become losing its own culture and talent,do you? Surviving from the world,the way to survive could be keeping and developing our own fantastic talent and ability even though we have take good with bad.World people would think our culture is wonderful if we  first develope it and take care of it.

Happy New Year!!! What are you going to do? I’m going to paly skiing again(because it’s always funHaha)and gonna go to my grandma’s home!!I’m looking forward to it!!

Take care and have a GOOD LUNAR NEW YEAR!!

I’m reading Harry potter book,really fantastic,full of magic and wands and broomsticks.I would rather like to be a witch someday if it is possible but I am just muggle.Harry Potter is risking something like Voldemort and Professor Snape and things like that.I am reading the second book which is more interesting that the firsth book.Bye! Take Care!

                                                 Full of Love,


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