Right. THAT'S Why I Hated It…

Overall, work was going pretty good. I was doing a good job, and when they hired me full time, it was for more money than I expected to earn and with a better title. I was pretty happy. I couldn’t remember why I was so apprehensive about getting back into the corporate scene after living as a kindergarten teacher for two years. Sure, I wouldn’t get 25+ hugs every day, and I couldn’t wear flipflops to work… but there was the upside of getting to take time off when it was also convenient for me and not having people wipe boogers on my shirt.
Then last week happened.
Then last week was rude enough that it dribbled over into the weekend and over onto Monday and I kind of remembered what I hated about working for corp. Shit like this…
So, there was an important meeting at work today. And they’ve known about this meeting for awhile. But on Thursday last week we had a "pre-meeting meeting" (I shit you not), where it was decided that I could "throw together" the presentation that my boss would give during the meeting.
Sure. I’ll just chuck that together for ya, ole hoss. No worries.
They made it sound easy – just ten wee slides. Shouldn’t take long, right?
See, I don’t think I’ve gone into much detail about where I work. The company kinda has two parts, both are digitally based. The "other" side also does design stuff… not just software design but "make it look pretty" design. And I had to make a presentation to that calibre.  Further to that, my boss wants it to be really spectacular, because (frankly) the presentations that they were using are crap. So I got started.
Long story short – I worked on those ten slides all day Friday – from about 8:45 until 6:15, no lunch break.  I worked on it again on SUNDAY for about 4 more hours, bringing it as near to completion as I possibly could.  Monday morning, when my boss saw it, she loved it… but had to make a few changes. Fair enough, she’s the one who has to present (although I maintain that one of her changes was not for the better. I lost that one though.) The changes took about 2.5 more hours.
How many hours is that on one presentation that was only 10 slides long?  About 15.5?  And you know what? Today in the meeting they were so informal they hardly even followed it. I was fuming. I hate having my time wasted like that. To be fair, my boss was also pissed, because she really liked the presentation. And she should have like it – it was fucking spectacular.
Also, because of the rework this morning and the fact that I had to stay in that meeting all freaking day (and after close-of-play at the end of the night), I was at work for nearly 12 hours today without a break. I didn’t step off the train until after 9:00 tonight. And then I walked home from there. My boss is good about that, she told me to come in late tomorrow, but the bitch of it is… I can’t. Because I was in this stupid meeting all day today, I have so much piled up to do I can’t take any time away.
So… yah. That’s why I hated it before, and I sense that’s why I’m going to hate it again. Unless, of course, they give me that promotion and pay raise they’ve hinted at in six months… or they start letting me wear flipflops to work and I get hugs every day.

One response to “Right. THAT'S Why I Hated It…

  1. If I worked with you, you would get hugs every day because you are spec–f***ing–tacular! (Yes, that\’s a new word.) However, you may not want 25 hugs from me a day!  I\’m sorry work was so sucky for you.  Big Hugs. 

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