Friday's Feast


How many times per day do you usually laugh?

Actually, I laugh a lot, even on a bad day like today.  I was having a rotter – stuck at my desk trying to create a PowerPoint presentation for (without exaggeration) approximately 11 straight hours. And I still managed to chuckle a couple of times.

What do your sunglasses look like?

I have two pairs – one that I bought for about $5 in the streets of Itaewon, the other pair I bought in Malaysia. The first are aviators… the other pair is… well, just a pair of sunglasses. Pretty standard.

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?

I wouldn’t mind going to Rome.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

I think London is a beautiful city and I love the architecture here.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

I like it the colour it is – blue is pretty chill. Maybe purple would work.

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