Joys of Living in An English Speaking Country: The Hair Entry

Now, there were a few times in Korea that I’d go and have my hair done and it would turn out fine. But "a few times" in two years does not a good track record make. Honestly, now.  The worst (which I don’t have pictures of – I was too traumatised to think about it) was the stripe-head fiasco that marked the very, very last time I trusted a Korean with my poor hair.
I had it cut in Malaysia, and it turned out alright.  Not spectacular, but alright.
Now, being here, I’ve had it cut twice and coloured once. Granted, I did the colour myself, but what a joy to be able to read the box!! And I’ve been so excited that here I can explain myself by vaguely saying "you know?" and making certain gestures. They make some suggestions, I tweak it, they suggest again and voila! Hair that doesn’t make me wish that I had the foresight to bring a hat with me to the hairdressers.
I’m just bringing this up because I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on the new ‘do. It makes me feel happy. ^^ Hooray English hair!!

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