Feeding the Feud

Need to ask a favour. Read the following sentence:
The dogs need fed.
Please leave a comment on how you feel about that sentence. Please. I’m begging you. Read that sentence and comment on it. Whatever you happen to notice or feel or whatever. I don’t want to be leading… but I do want an argument settled.
Also, after your comment about the sentence above, could you please make mention of whether or not you always wash your hands after using the toilet? Many thanks.

4 responses to “Feeding the Feud

  1. The sentence is confusing.  Have the dogs been fed or not?
    and I wash my hands everytime.

  2. The dogs need to be fed.
    The dogs need feeding.
    I can\’t decide.
    And I wash my hands everytime too.

  3. Jenn MacLean-Angus Turner

    The dogs need food.  Dog food.
    I wash my hands too much.  I need new skin.  And lots of lotion.
    I love you, Jodi.

  4. You\’ve clearly typed something that is cut off mid-sentence. It should read:The dogs need federal tax cuts to be eliminated to achieve fiscal responsibility and offset the ever-expanding canine deficit.As for the hand washing, if someone says they don\’t wash them every-freaking-time isn\’t that grounds for a friendship ban?

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