Eating Alone is One Thing; Dying Alone is Quite Another

Work was really busy today so I didn’t get lunch until very late. Which is actually fine by me… makes the afternoon go quickly.  I ran out of the office and to a restaurant to eat some pasta. Sadly, I was tired and wanting something familiar… so I must confess I ate at TGIFridays. It made me miss Korea.
Now, I eat alone quite often, it doesn’t bother me. Even if I don’t have a book or other diversion, my over-active imagination usually keeps me busy enough.  So I really don’t mind eating alone. It can be very peaceful.
Anyway, today while I was having lunch, there was a very strange and very loud noise that I couldn’t readily identify and which could, potentially, be fatal.  Hey! You never know! Besides, remember… I was sitting there with just my imagination for company.  Anyway, in the split second before I determined that the sound was not going to bring about my untimely demise, I actually thought to myself, "If I have to die right now, I can make peace with that. But I can’t believe I’m going to die alone. In TGIFridays."
So, dying is fine. Dying alone is not cool. Dying while eating pasta alone in TGIFridays is completely unacceptable.
I’ve added it to my "List of Ways I Don’t Want to Die" list.  Somewhere near the top.
SIDE NOTE: Any of you wondering what the freaking noise was? I identified it the second time it happened… TGIFriday’s is very close to the Fulham-Broadway tube station. The noise, my dear Watson, must have been a damned train.  Completely elementary, once I took my head out of my own ass. I’m not always as clever as I try to appear to be. I should come with a warning sticker, much like the ones you find on side-view mirrors.

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