Thursday, November 1 – On the Train, (Country Unknown)

Once again, I’m not sure of the time or where in the world I am. My guess, based on the last train station, is Germany, although we could still be in Poland. I’ve definitely only "visited" these countries on a technicality, and will have to return one day.
I’ve learned something about myself – snoring may be a deal breaker for me. I don’t think I could marry a snorer, knowing that I would have to listen to it every night. Much like how I had to listen to the guy above me all last night. Even with earplugs, I had a hell of a time sleeping. And they won’t let me switch berths. Balls.
I don’t have much food. I was in such a hurry (it turns out – stupid 24 hour clocks!) to depart that I didn’t buy snacks. So today I’ve had a cup of tea from the carriage lady, a cookie-thing, an uncooked package of noodles eaten Korean-kid-style, and two candies from my snore-tastic berthmate. I’m hungry.
My berthmate is from Kazakhstan, and he is really making me appreciate my Canadian passpot. I’ve had no problems. He has. For example, when we were leaving Russia, customs went through all  of his stuff – even going so far as to flip through his books. They didn’t even look at mine. I didn’t even have to fill out a form.
I should be in Cologne tomorrow at 6:00, to change trains and then go on to Brussels. I hope it won’t be a headache!

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