Sunday, October 28 – On the Train, Russia

I’m still in Russia somewhere and there still isn’t much to say. Again, I’m not bored, but a play-by-play of what I’m doing would be boring.
I’ve picked up quite a bit of Cyrillic – it isn’t too hard. A lot of signs, once translated, are easy to understand because they are close to English – like toilet, restaurant, platform, and buffet… although "buffet" seems to mean a small store where you can get everything.
Only two other things come to mind right now – the oatmeal I bought in Beijing – "Nature’s Path Foods" – was made in Richmond, BC.  The English sign for the toilet on the train simply says "WC", which gets Radiohead’s song "Fake Plastic Trees" caught in my head. The opening lyric is "A fake plastic watering can…"*
Also, remember that I was sick? The headache, I believe, in retrospect, was due to a lack of coffee. The sore through went, but now I’m stuffy and sneezing. Probably just the change in weather.
*I’m not an idiot. I realize that "WC" stands for "water closet", but I think "watering can" (maybe because back home the toilet is sometimes referred to as "the can"?) and then the Radiohead starts. Could be worse. I don’t mind having Radiohead stuck on repeat in my mind.

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