November 3 – November 9 : Dublin

The next morning I flew into Dublin, and the greatest thing happened. Someone was at the airport to meet me! This was the first time in years someone has welcomed me from a trip. Hooray! And even more exciting… it was Orla! It had been so long since I had seen her last, and I was so happy to see her! She tried (because she’s Orla) to take my bag from me, even though she’s half the size of the damned thing, but I wouldn’t let her. After all this time, after all that way, carrying my bag myself became a matter of principle.
We took the bus to their apartment, when the second greatest thing happened that day. I got to see Joe too! I was thrilled to be hanging out with those guys again. And then, to top it all off, there was a bedroom all for me, a shower, and a washing machine. I’ve not been so happy in so long!
I didn’t actually do much in Dublin, other than bask in Joe and Orla’s hospitality.  It was so nice to be in a place that was about the people, and not the landmarks. Other than a trip or two to the pub, I mostly just relaxed and watched their TV.  Joe and Orla made wonderful dinners, and I can’t thank them enough for having me there. I had a great time!
Dublin was also a time when I had to mooch money from my moms (thanks moms!), get a place to stay in London (thanks Kirstn and Sarrah!), and figure out how long Brendan was going to put up with me in Belfast. Fortunately, I got that all sorted.

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