Friday, October 12 – Vietnam

Right now, Ho Chi Minh is winning for craziest traffic in a city I’ve been to. There are lines on the road, but no one minding them. They drive on the right… mostly.  A few close calls. Millions of motorbikes. The hotel staff is friendly, but I have to sit and wait for someone to check out. I don’t blame the hotel. I still blame Malaysian Air. Good news though – looks like they can get me train tickets all the way to Beijing from here! That means I can book all hotels and the train now. Later I can find one in Moscow, once I have an ETA for there. I’m feeling much more relaxed now that I’m here. There are people here in those funny hats*.  Makes me happy. I’m so tired right now I feel like I could nap 100 years. Not hungry though – even though the flight was very short, Malaysian Air fed me a sandwich. Maybe I won’t write that letter after all.** On the plane was a tour group of white people. There were some groups of two or three. I seemed to be the only one on my own.*** I just don’t think many people travel all by themselves. And on the plane, I thought about how many people say, "You are traveling alone? You are…
*I drew a picture of the hat after that sentence.  It is just one of those funny hats. Made of straw and shaped like a cone that Vietnamese people are always wearing in the movies. Apparently it is known as a "Conical straw hat" and a Nón lá, or "leaf hat" in Vietnamese. Thanks, Wikipedia!
**I never did write a letter complaining about getting stuck in the airport. I figure they have to live with being knobs. No reason for me to make their lives more miserable.
***This will become a reoccurring theme throughout the travel blog. Nothing like being completely on your own for far too long for realizing that you’ve been on your own far too long. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed traveling by myself, but I got tired of having only my own company after awhile. Eventually, I even annoy myself.

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