Updates A'Comin'

I promise that it is NOT my intention to stop blogging now that I’ve left Korea. Surely life will be just as strange and interesting in another country, on another continent?  I just haven’t had the… energy to get down to it yet. I have about 60 pages or so of notes that I need to transcribe, from the time before I got to Malaysia to the time I was in Moscow. I have to type those out, and add the notes that I was too lazy to write down. And, of course, I need to add everything that has happened since Moscow… there have been a multitude of countries and people and events since Russia. I will start soon. And I will blog again regularly, soon. I promise. Soon.  For now, I’m safe and happy in Scotland and will be headed back to London on Saturday. Once I get there, I can blog about how scared I am about the next part of my life. Somehow, traveling all over the damned place is far less frightening than the prospect of settling into a job and everyday life again. I suspect there may be something seriously wrong with me.

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