And Then the Mean Clouds Ate the Happy Clouds…

Everything was finally going well and then today everything got screwed up.
I missed my flight.
Partially my fault, mostly Malaysian Air.
The flight from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur only left me with about an hour and forty-five minutes until the next flight. Even though I knew I had to go from one terminal to another, I figured I could make it on time. And damn it, I nearly did.
The first part of my trip was awesome.  The plane boarded and took off on time. In an amazing show of "Let’s Have Everything Go Jodi-Bear’s Way Today", the plane even landed 15 minutes early. Unbelievable! Then I get in a cab with a driver who understood "I needed to be at the airport 10 minutes ago". The ride was slightly frightening, but at least he was fast. I was at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) by 5 minutes after one. Spectacular! My flight wasn’t until 2:20.
Then things went wrong. Terribly wrong.
First, when I went to the check-in counter, they told me that I couldn’t check in with just a verification number, that because it was an international flight (mind you, an hour-long international flight – sigh) I would have to go to the ticket desk, one floor down, to get a ticket first. No problem! I still had over an hour.
I ran downstairs and found the office. There were a lot of people waiting and that was the first time that I was a bit worried that I may not make it after all. I took a "B" ticket (for "Economy Class") and sat down. I almost wish that I chewed my nails, I was that edgy. Two minutes went by and I went back to talk to the woman that was at the Queue Ticket machine. I told her that my flight left, not boarded, LEFT, at 2:20. Would I have time to get checked in and everything if I didn’t have my ticket, like, right now? She told me to take a "C" ticket (for people who’s flights are leaving "now").
I had two tickets. B267 and C091.  I was 16 people away from the B line and 5 people down the line for C line. And at this point, it was 17 minutes after one.
And I waited.
And waited.
Finally, B267 came up on the board. Note that it came up before the C line number – RIDICULOUS! Especially when you consider that the C line was for people who should be on the plane NOW.  At this time it was 1:47 and I knew things were getting tight. I ran up to ticket counter 8, and pointedly ask the guy behind the counter if I would make my flight. HE SAID YES. In under 2 minutes, I had my ticket and RAN (with a 20kg backpack, my legs are still sore!) to the boarding counter.
And they told me to piss off.
I was so angry. SO ANGRY! I didn’t tell that guy off though, he can’t do anything about the incompetent twits (I was going to use a word much stronger than "twits" there, a four letter word that ends in "unts" and isn’t "aunts") at the ticket counter that didn’t listen to me and then lied  to me about making the flight. Worse, when I went back, I kept being shuffled around – no one wanted to deal with the obviously irrate Canuck girl (fair enough, I was about ready to jersey someone and start a fight, gloves off).
In the end, there was nothing they could do but waive the penalty fee (when she said that, I was not very polite about it. I said something along the lines of, "You are joking, right? Trying to make that sound like a favour?"). I even had to pay an extra 50 ringget for tomorrows flight because it is a flipping weekend flight now. Aurghpants.
However, it works out. I took a tour into Kuala Lumpur and saw the sights (like the famous twin towers).  I’m not happy about spending the night in the airport (not only do I not want to pay for a hotel, but I’m terrified about missing yet another flight) but I’m sure it will be okay.
I can sleep tomorrow.

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