Stress: 1 Jodi: 1

I’ve been pretty stressed out about two things for the last little while:
1. Getting my passport back
2. Getting my Korean pension
I’m happy to say that I have my passport safe and sound, so I am no longer trapped in Langkawi.  However, I still don’t have my Korean pension, and that is not cool. As fun as you all may think it could be, stranded penniless in Beijing, China, I don’t think I’m up for it. So keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I will see that money hit my account in the next few days. Regardless, I’m moving on. It won’t help me to just sit here and wait for it.
I have some more of my itinerary planned. If all goes well, I will fly out of here on Thursday and arrive in Ho Chi Minh City at 3:15pm. After that the plan is to leave Saigon on Sunday and arrive in Hanoi on Monday.  Then, if all goes well with train ticketing (and the damned pension comes through!) I will be leaving Hanoi for Beijing on Friday, October 19th.   I’ll arrive in Beijing on Sunday, October 21.  I should leave there on Wednesday, October 24th, if all goes well.
If all goes well….

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