Not Much News

Go figure. You stick me on a tropical island for a few weeks, and I get even *lazier* about doing things like emailing and blogging. Who would have thought?
Not much is going on – just a lot of nothing which is fine with me. Ashleigh has left, so the nights are even quiet now (which is good, if not for me, at least for my liver).  I was having fun at the Raggae Bar though – I even sang (badly) with the band one night, and have done a few tequilla shots with the lead singer. I think it is a good idea to always know the bartender and the people in the band. Next time I go, I will have to bring my camera.
Other than that, I’ve mostly been reading and napping and getting sunburned. I’m still not very tanned – well, tanned for me, but not tanned as far as other people would be concerned. I think I have managed to give myself a scar though because of the sun. The first time I got burned, I had a mosquito bite on my right arm between the elbow and the shoulder that I had been scratching. It was, I dunno, swollen, I guess. Well, when I got the sunburn, all of my skin went rosy-pink, except that one spot. It fried. It was less swollen, but now there were a few small blisters. Now that the scab is gone from it (the blisters eventually went), there is a pink spot there that no amount of Vitamin E cream is going to get rid of. I managed to avoid getting hip cancer… let’s hope this weird little spot on my arm doesn’t turn into skin cancer. Even though it would be an easy souvenir to take with me… it isn’t the kind of thing I want to remember Langkawi by.
According to my emailed updates, I have a Mongolian and Russian visa. That leaves just Vietnam and China. I am hoping still to have my passport back by Monday. Although now I may have a new problem (Sigh, there is always a NEW problem) in that I haven’t received my Korean Pension yet. It should have been here (according to them) by October 1st, and I don’t have it yet. Bad news bears, people, bad news bears. I can’t afford to get from here to there without that money. I think I could manage to get as far as Hanoi at this point… MAYBE Beijing, but not beyond. Sigh. Keep your fingers crossed.
And with that, I’m going back to my book (I’m reading Sherlock Holmes right now) and later I’m going for a walk. If it wasn’t for the sunburn and the stress about the pension – life would be pretty darned good right now.

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