Think I'll Get A Car, Instead

The last time I was in Malaysia I rented a motorbike two days and bombed around the island that way. I loved it! It was so freeing and felt cool. I think this time I will rent a car.
I have been reluctant to get a car because they drive on the wrong side of the road here (although I suppose I should get used to it because it is also how they drive in Britain). I figured I could damage a lot of other people if I drove on the wrong side of the road with a car.
I didn’t really realize how much I could damage myself with a bike.
I’ve met a few people here that are very cool. One of them is a young guy from from France named Thibault (pronounced, he assures us, as "T-bow", which I support), who I’ve hung out with the last couple of days.
Tonight he hit a monkey with his motorcycle.
Normally, that is a sentence that would make me laugh, but not when it happens to an honestly nice guy. He wasn’t too hurt – thank goodness – but he is hurt and bleeding enough. Both arms are scraped badly from arm to elbows, and there is a… hole near his wrist that I honestly don’t want to think about. I’m happy that I didn’t see his foot, which is supposedly worse.
And the biggest thing is (other than the fact that I’m now scared to rent a bike again for now) that I feel like an utter shit. You see, Thibault is also traveling alone, and now he is in a Malaysian hospital, alone and injured and mostly in shock. I feel bad because I’ve known him longer than the others here, and have become friends with him. And I couldn’t go with him to the hospital.
I couldn’t go with my own mother (sorry moms) to the hospital (although with my moms I would force myself). I’m not squeemish, I just have an over-active imagination. I feel other people’s pain and I don’t like it. So now I feel bad that he had to go to the hospital alone. I just hope that if I get hurt while on my epic journey here, someone else will be around that isn’t the world’s biggest pussy and that they will go with me.
Good news, he’s fine. Apparently he’s lost so much skin that they couldn’t even stitch up the wounds on his forearms that are open to the freaking bone, but he says he’s fine.
I’m still going to stick to renting a car.

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