Goodbye, Teacher

I’m considering changing my last name to "Teacher" so I can still be "Jodi Teacher".  It feels strange to be title-less after two years. I’m not even really used to the idea yet… I’m sure it will hit me at some point in Malaysia.
Here are the goodbye notes from the kids.
Thank you for teaching us. Don’t forget me.
– Emily, 9
Goodbye Jode I can miss you.
– Bruce, 6
I know you are lives Korea. I love you. I like you so much. I went to see you. By by.
– Same note came from Stephanie, Lauren, and Victoria, 6
Goody by. Good buy. Good by Jodi. I am sad because you are last day. Have fun! Please gave me mail for me.
– Emily, 6
To Jodi T,  Teacher I’m Sarah. You have to go back to Canada. So I’m very sad. I’ll miss you. Can you miss we’re class? Thank you for teach were class.
– Sarah, 8
Dear Jodi…. Hi! I’m Jinny. I’m so sad that you didn’t come to LCI. If you can come to LCI come to our class! Good bye.
– Jinny C., 8
Dear Jodi T.,
Hello Jodi T.  I’m Chris. I am writing this letter because you are going back to Canada. I’m very sad that you go to Canada. Also, I want to repay your thankness for teaching me. I think I will miss you very much. Will you visit Korea next time? I hope you so. I can’t believe the time went you to go. You will always in my mind. I really want you to come back to Korea. But if you don’t, you don’t have to. Bye. From Chris.
What’s your email address? Mine is ____. Sent e-mail. I will sent to.

This is magnatic neclece you can use it as a braclet too. Just keep go round and round. And the other one is tea pack. I think I gave you that before. Drink it.
– Chris, 10
Hi! Jodi Teacher. I was happy that you was my teacher. First, I thought you were scary but you were good and fun teacher. I’m sad that you are going but I’ll give you some message for email. I love you. Also I’m thank you that you were my teacher. I think you are a best teacher of all the world. Be healthy in Canada. I think we could see again when we are lucky.

 I’m thank you. Remember KOREA. A sharon of Rose is the Korea’s flower tree. Don’t forget me! I’ll not forget you.

From Barbie (who put a picture of herself as the stamp)
– Barbie, 9
I would send some hugs and kisses your way for everything. I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything in one person. And that person is you "Jodi".  We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work adn efforts you have put in for educating my son.
– Eric’s mom (kindergarten)
Hi Jodi T,
I’m very sad that you are leaving. When you come to Korea, please phone me. Also, I will email you when you go to Canada. I think new teacher will be good, but not better than you. I love you!
– Lily, 9
To Jodi T.
Hey I’m good to study because of you. You’re good teacher. On Canada you tell you’re a good teacher and tell this letter to parents and your brother. I’m so proud of you. I’m sorry because I can’t give you a present.
– Sam, 7
Joodi teacher! Thank you for teaching we. Have a good tirp.  I will miss you. You are have a good day. Today we are having a celeblate.  I love you. form Chris.
– Chris, 6
To Jodi Teacher
Thank you for your teaching with love to my kid. I am very sorry about your leaving to early. But I hope your success. I’ve wanted to have dinner together. But I couldn’t. If you come Korea again? Please call me. Take care and good luck to you. 
From Chris’s mom & dad
To: Jodi T.
Hello! Jodi Teacher!  I will miss you in Korea! I won’t forget you while you’re in your home. My mother made a chocolate cake for you because it’s a last day that you’re in LCI. I love you, Jodi! Have nice days at your home! Good bye!  From Alice
– Alice, 7
Thank you Jodi-T. I miss you. Form Eileen.
– Eileen, 6
Thank you very much for teaching Eileen. She has improved a lot. You are the greatest teacher in the world. ^^ Thanks. I hope you had great time in Korea.
– Eileen’s Mom
Jodi Teacher,

Thank you for educating me. Do you know my IET score? I got a good prize on the IET. IT is all thanks to you. I will miss you when you leave. I have a phone, you know. The number is ____. I will like to have calls with you. To have a reminder, I will give you some Korean money. Don’t change it into dollars. Good-bye.
Your friend,

(on the envelope it says "PS: Promise to open it when the class is over. Thank you.)

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