Beauty Beyond Measure

These were the last presentations I read from my 5:30 class. The question was "Can beauty be measured? Why or why not?"  Some of these are good, some are insightful, some are amazing.  But I thought I would share them all. Remember, these guys are just 9-years-old and these are their own ideas.
Title: Out and In
Beauty can be measured by two things. By out and in.  Out is how we look and in is how we act. For example, Cinderella is a perfect girl, because she is beautiful and she acts softly and kindly.  But her new mother and sisters are not. They are ugly and they act very badly to Cinderella. I think I am only half a girl, because I am pretty but my actions are sometimes very bad to my friends and my parents. So I think I need to act more carefully and softly to my parents and my firends. I think our actions are more important than how we look. I read a book called "twin" and it said when we act bad our looks will be ugly, and many people will hate us. So I noted it and now I remember it. Some people think beauty can be measured by exercise and food. I think that is right too. There are many other reasons but these are the ideas I can think of.
– Sally
I think that beauty can be measured. I think thinness is beautiful but they have to be strong and healthy too. Beautiful people have round faces, big eyes, a high nose, and clean, white teeth. They should be tall. Ideally they should be 175 cm tall and weigh 55 kg.  If they look like this, I like them and I think they are a beautiful woman. Most people agree on my opinion. Even if the physical features are beautiful, if the mind is not good I think they are not beautiful. Beauty is beautiful physical features, good heath, and a beautiful mind.
– MK
Title: Beauty
I think that beauty can’t be measured because God creates us with his thought and purpose. We never have to judge outward appearance. Only God can judge about beauty. Some people have inside beauty and others have outside beauty. Now a-days, people maybe think that outward appearance is more important, so many people refit their face that God made. but I think it is wrong. I like the four finger pianist, Sister Hee-Ah. She can play the piano for God with her four fingers. But there are people who can’t do anything in the world with their ten fingers.  Then who is more beautiful among them?  After all, we do our best to accomplish God’s purpose. Beauty can never be measured.
– Barbie
Title:  Beauty Can’t be Measured
Beauty can’t be measured because it changes by time and place. For example, long ago in China the most beautiful woman was very fat and short. Today it is not the same. Tall and thin women are beautiful. In the East and West beauty is measured differently. Adults and children also measure beauty differently. Some people think that physical beauty is important but other people think the soul of beauty is more important.  So beauty can’t be measured.
– William
Title:  Beauty
Beauty is what makes a person attractive.  A beautiful girl or a handsome boy attracts other boys or girls. Then, can we measure beauty?  Most people think that beauty is just a pretty face, only the outside counts. In truth, beauty is a quality which pleases the mind and senses. It doesn’t mean only the face, but means all human body parts such as hands, teeth, etc.  Most people think beauty means faces. but as we know, other things can be beautiful.  In that case, we can’t measure beauty.  but if one is beautiful on the outside and bad on the inside, that doesn’t do any good. So rather than the body, let’s be a kind and gentle person. To be it, we wil lahve to be gentle, have great friendships, etc.  I will grow my friendships and I want to be an inside beautiful person.
– Eddie
Beauty cannot be measured because we can not count beauty. It is uncountable like water, paper, cake, or so on. I think measuring other people’s beauty is rude too.  I think thae words "measuring beauty" does not mean beauty measuring and we should use another word. Like "sleeping bag" is not a sleeping bag, rather it is a bag that we can sleep in.  So I think we can’t measure beauty.
– Emily
I think beauty can’t be measured because everyone has at least one strong point. Someon that is pretty could be short, and someone that is ugly could have an S-line. I don’t think it is important to meausre beauty, the only important thing is how you think about yourself.  Also, when beauty is measured, people will endeavor to fit in that requirement and even die (because of diet or using bad medicine to seem pretty). To stop these kinds of accidents, we mustn’t measure beauty.  When you want to measure beauty for yourself, just see your inside. you could find beauty inside you.
– Lily

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