Bad Friends / Good Friends

I’m really coming to the end of the road here, but it really doesn’t feel like it some days. I keep looking ahead at what we will be doing in books in my classes, and then thinking to myself, "Oh, that’s right. I won’t be here then."  It is a strange thought that is neither good nor bad. I have been in Korea a long time (some would argue "too long") and I am ready to go. At the same time, I have had a great time here, I have great friends here, and I’m very, very, very scared about what is coming next (even more scared than I am of the dentist).
Here is one of the last presentations that I will ever have to mark. This is from Jessica, who just leveled up into my 2:30 class. It is a letter to "Ronald" who is the prince with the nasty attitude in "The Paperbag Princess".  Jessica used to be in my kindergarten class. Her presentation was nearly perfect.
Dear Ronald,
Can you see why I am upset? I lost my castle and my clothes. I didn’t want to lose you. Therefore I went to save you.  I wore a paper bag because I didn’t have anything to wear. I didn’t have time to clean up because I was so busy saving you. I was very afraid. It was very scary to fight with the dragon. I tried to be brave. I did everything to save you. However you told me to come back later in a princess dress, instead of saying thank you. It hurt me. i don’t want to marry someone who doesn’t appreciate me.  Bye.
From, Elizabeth
The child is amazing. I spoke to Ellie about how much help she might have gotten with this – apparently none. Jessica would be 7 years old in the West.  

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