Damned Dentists

I hate dentists. A lot. In fact, I despise them and think they should be wiped from the face of the earth.
They cause people (read: me) great pain and to date, have not done any good (as far as I can see). They must be the sickest professional people on the planet. I believe they may actually be sociopaths, no better than serial killers, really, except they have better channelled their mental illnesses.
This is why I haven’t been to a dentist in, oh, about four years.
Because I hate them. And fear them. A lot.
I revert to being a 7-year-old in a dentist chair. I am honestly terrified of the dentist. Always poking and prying and asking embarassing questions like "do you floss every day?"  It makes me uncomfortable.
I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with dentists. Bloody, painful, horrifying experiences that I won’t go into for the weak of heart. And I’m told that I have good teeth.  I feel bad for people who don’t.
The dentist in Korea is fairly inexpensive. I used to go to the dentist in Canada regularly when I had insurance (and because my moms FORCED me to), but I just couldn’t afford it after I wasn’t insured. The dentists in Korea are pretty reasonable (or so I had been told) and do a reasonable job (information also from outside sources).  I decided to finally go and get a cleaning and a check-up.  I reasoned that the stereotype about British teeth must be founded in some truth, so I figure it is better to get things looked at now, rather than after I get to London.
Oh dear.
Why is it that every time I have my body poked, prodded, or x-rayed in this country I learn something about myself that someone should have told me about years ago?
Stupid dentists!
There were some things about the Korean denstist that were fun. The hygenist was very pleasant and spoke English. She didn’t ask me about flossing and she was very kind. When they take the x-rays, the result is presented to you on a computer screen that is attached to your chair. And they have this wee camera that they put in your mouth and take pictures of your bad teeth to show you on the computer screen. FUN!
That’s the end of the fun part.
Apparently, I should have gone to a dentist before. At least a Korean dentist earlier. Because they were able to tell me things that my Canadian dentist never told me – like that almost all my teeth are cracked.
You know what I don’t like the sound of?  That last sentence.
The assistant asked me what kind of food I liked. I told her that I eat Korean food, but that I do drink a lot of coffee (I left beer out of it – beer is good for your teeth so I didn’t feel it necessary to admit to that).  She ammended her question and asked, "Do you like hard food?"
I couldn’t think of any "hard" food that I like, and told her so.  That’s when she told me that all my teeth are cracked. Yikes! Although I have been thinking about it and I do clentch my jaw a lot – when I’m mad, scared, or worried. Which is a lot. She figures that is what has done me in.  Why didn’t anyone see this before?
I have two molars that are so decayed under old fillings that they need to be drilled out completely and capped. I have two others that need fillings. Aurgh!
I went today to start the work. It was no better or worse than back home, but it is cheaper. Much cheaper. I’m happy that things are getting cleaned up and fixed, but I’m not happy that it is still costing a LOT of money and it means that I can’t go to Japan.
If they can zap my eyes with a laser and restore my sight, why can’t they do the same for my teeth?  
Also, the assistant told me that I brush my teeth "like a small child".  No shite. That’s when I learned how to brush them.  No one has told me to brush differently.
I’m going to stop complaining now and cry about the freezing coming out. I hope Stef feels like listening to *that* for the rest of the night.

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