Fair Enough…

I thought that Eddie had the corner on what passes for wit in the under-10 age group, but Emily (kindergarten, aged 6) gave him a run for the money today.  Nearly peed my pants.
We were talking about families. They knew most of the immediate family stuff, but were easily confused by multiple titles for people. For example, that a woman could be a grandmother, mother, daughter, and wife (we didn’t even get into the in-law stuff or aunts yet).  It was kinda doing their wee heads in, but the smarter ones were catching on.  I had a family tree drawn up on the board that had three generations. To challenge them a bit, I drew some more so that the son got married and had a son of his own.  Then I asked what other name the son would have. They got "father". 
"And what about his father?" I asked. And they got that he would be a grandfather now.
"If the father is now a grandfather," I ventured further, "what does that make this grandfather?"
"Dead?" Emily grinned, one eyebrow raised.
I love her.

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