Objective vs. Subjective

I’ve started making up my resume, and I think it is going well. It seems like a long time since I’ve updated it… and I suppose it has been. It still catches me by surprise that a: I’ve been in Korea for 2 years and b: I’ve been at the same job for 2 years. Yowza!  The closest I’ve ever been to a 2 year stint in the past was at Weyerhaeuser, and I only lasted there so long because a: they paid me a retarded amount of money to work there and b: they changed my job every few months so I couldn’t get too bored too quickly (and I did anyway – I hated working there!) Makes me think I must not hate teaching (or the little bozos I teach) as much as I proclaim to.
I don’t think that when I get to London I will find my dream job, I will be satisfied (for now) with just finding work. But in doing some research (wanted to make sure that the formatting of my resume isn’t well out-dated yet), I came across some advice for choosing a career that fits.  There were some questions that they said you should answer, and then the answers would help point you in the right direction. The problem is, I’m never very good at this sort of thing because I censor myself a lot. Even if it is just in my own head, which is pretty lame. So I was wondering if anyone who actually reads this blog-thing wanted to do me a favour.  Would you answer these questions about me for me? I swear I’m not trying to be lazy… I’m going to try answering them (offline) right now. But I wonder how different your answers about me would be than my answers about me.  So what say you? Wanna help a lost girl out?  I would really appreciate it… from the people who know me best now (like Brendan, Stef, or Brooke), from the people who knew me best from before (Mike, or Carey) and from the people who have known me always (like Moms!) and anyone else who wants to give my arse a kick in the right direction (as opposed to people who just want to kick my ass). Well, here are the questions (they scare me a lot). I’ve reworded them for you so that they are about me.  It is all about me, people.
1. What are Jodi’s values?
2. What is most important to Jodi?
3. What is Jodi passionate about?
4. What does Jodi really want out of life?
5. How does Jodi want her friends and family to remember her?
6. What are Jodi’s favourite skills?
7. What is Jodi most interested in?
8. What are Jodi’s favourite books, TV shows, and/or films?
9. What does Jodi talk about at parties?
10. Where does Jodi shop?
11. Who are Jodi’s heroes/role models?
12. If Jodi knew that she couldn’t possibly fail, what do you think Jodi would try to do? What is stopping her from doing that now?
Why do I think I’m in for it if anyone actually does respond to this blog?  Oh, and feel free to email me or leave your answers as a comment here. I’ll probably post the answers (mine as well as anyone who actually responds) on a later posting. Who knows… maybe this really will help me get things figured out….

2 responses to “Objective vs. Subjective

  1. these are really hard, I don\’t blame you for asking for help!  I just wanted to let you know I am thinking about them and will get back to you… ♥ C 

  2.  Thanks, Carebear!  I tried to answer them and they hurt my head. 😦  I definitely need help from you!!

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