Old friend, what are you looking for?
After those many years abroad you come
With images you tended
Under foreign skies
Far away from your own land

~ George Seferis 

2 responses to “*

  1.  love this.

  2. That made me think of this:
    Old friends,Old friendsSat on their park benchLike bookends.A newspaper blown though the grassFalls on the round toesOf the high shoesOf the old friends.Old friends,Winter companions,The old menLost in their overcoats,Waiting for the sunset.The sounds of the city,Sifting through trees,Settle like dustOn the shouldersOf the old friends.Can you imagine usYears from today,Sharing a park bench quietly? How terribly strangeTo be seventy.Old friends,Memory brushes the same yearsSilently sharing the same fears

    Love you!

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