Process of Elimination and Other Bright Ideas

You know, I should have posted a long time ago that my life was falling apart. Some of you guys have been very helpful. The following ideas came from Mike….
forget life goals.  that sounds a bit harsh, but i’m serious.  unless you’re concerned that at the end of life there’s an inquiry into everything you set out to accomplish and explanations are required as to what you may or may not have achieved, the concept of life goals is meaningless.  things change far too easily and without warning.  sure, there may come a time when you feel there’s something you need to achieve or strive for, and when it comes you more than anyone will do everything it takes to make it happen.  but only if it’s something you truly want.  at the moment, you’re not sure about things.  so forcing the situation into some kind of goal simply won’t work.

this doesn’t really help your situation, but i’m getting to that.  the last time we talked you had a whole string of travel destinations lined up.  now the first part of that sounds like its been thrown out the window.  so one option is obviously to skip to the next page.  since you haven’t decided to do just that i get the sense you may not feel ready to jump ahead or like the timing for the next part isn’t right.  here’s where no set goals frees you up in a way, but also makes things very difficult….  the possibilities are endless.  (by the way, there are currently dozens of really cheesy song lyrics that are running through my head while considering your situation, but i’ll save you from further cliches).  since no one is going to tell you where to go and what to do next, consider two things…

1. process of elimination – you know what you don’t want to do, so start narrowing down the options even if the list has a hundred, instead of a hundred and fifty. 
2. past experience – if you’ve got a handful of things you’re really considering, try to think of what lead you to previously make certain decisions… e.g. what made you go to korea in the first place?
or you should revolutionize the choose your own adventure concept for the 21st century. take 3 or 4 of your top options and do them all – or at least part of them.  then set up a website that details the results in a time-lapsed, pay-to-play, cash grab format (video recorded evidence optional).

"if you would like jodi to travel to malaysia and be a beach bum, click 1.  if you would like jodi to continue teaching korean kids, but focus their studies on the communist manifesto, click 2.  if you would like to see jodi purchase a hot air balloon and circum-navigate the globe, click 3."

then when you get to another dead end where you’re not sure what to do, you can have your ever-expanding viewership vote to pick your next set of possible destinations.  people love to exercise their democratic rights, but only if it’s reality tv related.

although didn’t the choose your own adventure books always have at least one ending where the main character was mauled by a tiger or something and you would quickly skip back to the last page and continue reading the other option like you’d never made the bad decision?  hmm, maybe scratch this idea.

if all else fails, turn to the magic 8 ball.

all signs point to ‘yes’.

One response to “Process of Elimination and Other Bright Ideas

  1. I know I\’m extremely delayed in reading this!!!  You\’ve probably already made your decision… However, I wanted to let you know, I support Mike and his advice!  You\’re fortunate to have such an honest friend! 🙂  If my opinion counts— I click 1— and then I click 3.   I want to read about Jodi being a beach bum, and then taking a hot air balloon from there!!  I love you, Jodes! 

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