More Kid Stories

Hey… no one wishes more than me that I had stories to tell other than work stories. But I don’t.
I have a new kid in my kindergarten class. His name is Thomas.  He looks, as Aaron aptly put it, snively.  I hope he works out. Anyway, the story isn’t really about him, it is actully about Bruce. Today at playtime Bruce and Thomas were playing together. I couldn’t hear Thomas, but I could hear Bruce. And what I could hear Bruce saying was this: "Now, Thomas… this is an English school. Please speak English."  (Pause)  "Thomas, please, no Korean. English."  It was so stinking cute! Bruce is a really cool little kid.  I really appreciated that he was helping Thomas out instead of ratting him out.
A strange one from 4:00 grammar…  Sally asked me, "Teacher, what is the antonym of ‘hard’."  I said, "Soft?"  She said, "Thank you, Teacher!"
She knew the word "antonym" but not the word "soft".  I sometimes think these kids are not learning what they really need to know.
PS: The picture is of Bruce.

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