More Student Stuff

My 5:30 class makes me laugh my ass off.  Last class the children had to each write three comprehension questions about the story and ask the class. The story we are reading is about a girl who randomly makes up celebrations. One of the celebrations she invents is "Coyote Day".  This was the exchange that took place in class:
Lydia: What day is "Coyote Day"?
Barbie: September twenty-nine
Lydia: No…
Barbie: <with supreme attitude>  NTH!
Lydia: NO!
Lydia: <breaking down into a giggling fit> NO!
Barbie thought Lydia was correcting her grammar. In fact, "Coyote Day" was on the 28th. It was a nice exchange between them.
I’ve finally gotten around to marking the 5:30 class’ Monthly Test. Balls. It is really long. I hate it. But I did get a couple of nice surprises.
The first was from Lydia. I asked the same question that they wrote essays on awhile back, "Do you believe dead people come back to visit? Why or why not?" Lydia answered, "I don’t believe dead people come back and visit because God will not let them go."
The other was from Eddie’s essay about summer vacation. They had to tell me (in detail) where they would like to go, what they want to do, and who they would like to go there with. Eddie is turning out to be such a little smart-ass that I’m developing a crush on him. He kicks ass. Anyway, this is the start of his essay:
I would go to Disneyworld in the USA. I would go there with my parents and two friends (one a boy and one a girl. It will be nice to have a girl by your side.)
HA! This is the same kids that the girls call "The Mayor of Cootietown".  Poor Eddie. I should let him know that being a sarcastic smart-ass doesn’t get you dates to Disneyworld (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter). I happen to know from first-hand experience.
Side Note: In the pictures… Eddie is the boy in the front (with Ronald’s hand on his head). In the picture of the two girls, Barbie is the one with the bow on her head in the foreground and Lydia is in the background. Little turds.

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