Flipping Comedians

Although I dread my 5:30 Monday/Wednesday/Friday class, I look forward to it too. They are high-energy and hard-to-control… but they are fun.
When asked "Why is it called ‘Great’?" (meaning the Great Wall of China), Eddie responded, "Well, because it IS great."  Thanks, Eddie. Who taught you sarcasm?
In my last class they read a story about weddings. One of the questions was "What are some reasons to get married?"  Here are some of the answers:
Lydia: To get cute daughters and handsome sons.
Sally: To have babies and be happpy.
Sophie: Because you love each other.
And (sigh) Eddie: So you can go on a trip.
Eddie also accidently gave me another great answer. I guess what he said is "They fight", but that’s not what I heard. The question was, "What problems does a foreigner have in a new country?" I swear that little bugger answered, "They’re white."

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