Worst Hair Ever

When will I learn?  When?  I’m like a retarded child who keeps touching the stove to see if it is still hot.  And I keep getting burned.
I decided that I wanted to dye my hair. I haven’t done it in over a year… which is about the longest I have gone without colouring it since I was, oh, about 18.  Truly exciting. I don’t really care for my own hair colour, to be honest. It looks a little like mouse fur. And lately, it has been looking like ageing mouse fur, which I don’t support. In the least.
Today after work I went to the salon to have it cut and coloured. At least the cut was okay!  But the colour. Whoo-boy.  It wasn’t that the colours weren’t right, it was a nice blonde and a lovely red. However. HOWEVER!  The way that he APPLIED the dye was horrible! HORRIBLE! OH THE HUMANITY!  I have never wished that I carried a hat around more than I did today, I would have been mortified if anyone had actually witnessed the monstrosity that was my head.
I don’t know what made the stylist think THIS was a good idea… he applied the colour in stripes. Yes, I said STRIPES.  It looked so weird! And… and wrong.  I couldn’t have pulled off that particular dye job if I was a fourteen year old boy pretending to be all bad-assed and gansta.
The other thing was… well, I just didn’t have the heart to tell him how much I hated it. He seemed so proud of himself. Crazy Corean.  So instead of refusing to pay, or asking it to be redone, or otherwise making a scene, I thanked him, paid him off, and ran to the nearest store that sold boxes of hair dye.
It now looks mostly normal, but very orangey-red. I can live with it, even though I think I can still detect those stripes under there. Aurgh! That is the LAST time I try that in Korea.

2 responses to “Worst Hair Ever

  1. oh no!!!! i am sorry it went so baddly!!! the idea was so good! leave it to a korean to really botch it up! gr! i\’m happy to hear that you were able to do a little fixer-upper on it.. i wish i was there to loan you my coopers hat 😉 hee hee. xoxo.

  2. Oh my, oh my!!! I want to see pictures! 🙂  I know you\’re still beautiful, Jodes, nothing can change that! No, not even a bad hair style!  I miss you!  Big hugs!

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