Getting Lost in the Light… Is More than Never Being Found

Last week my 5:30 class (Korean aged 10) had to write an essay answering the question, "Do you think dead people come back to visit the living?"  Before you start thinking I’m some sort of morbid asshole; they had to read a story about the Mexican Day of the Dead. The question was in the book, I didn’t think it up. Anyhoo, here were some of my favourite responses:
Eddie’s Conclusion
If dead people come back, maybe they would be wicked. Jesus would shoo them away. So I don’t believe that dead people come back to visit.
(I appreciate that Eddie used the word "shoo".  His conclusion creates a funny mental image for me.)
If I can come back and visit whan I am dead, then I will believe that dead people can come back and visit.
(Emily’s entire essay was about the lack of proof. Her other option – other than waiting until she herself is dead – was the hope that someone will invent a machine that "knows" if dead people are around.)
Barbie’s Essay
I think Barbie’s essay is very good – intelligent and very touching. Here’s the whole thing:
I don’t believe that dead people come back to visit.
Dead people are just souls that can see us from the sky. I don’t know about this exactly, but I think this is right. They don’t visit. Those who go to Heaven can see us, but those who go to Hell can’t because it is dirtier and darker than a garbage can in Hell. 
In Korea we just look at dead people’s pictures. We cry so many tears over their picture. They will always be happy and smile in their picture. Nothing terrible can happen to them anymore because they are dead.
We just think that dead people will visit because we want to see them very much. Dead people could be your parents, friends, or your relatives. I sometimes think my grandpa will visit me.  That would make me very happy, but it is just a thought.
People who live in this world can’t know exactly how it works becuase they’re not dead yet.

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