4:00 Presentation

The kids had to pretend that they were the little boy, Sam, in the story "Bad Dog Dodger". They were to write a note to their parents convincing them that can help Dodger be a good dog.  Maybe I’m being narrow-minded, but I don’t think a teacher in Canada would read a presentation like this.
By John, Korean-aged 9
June third
Dear parents,
Hello. I think I can help my crazy dog Dodger.  I will give some treats to him when he is good. I will give him a treat if he doesn’t eat my baseball cap.  However, when he is crazy, I will hit him. Everyday that he is good I will take him to pet school. If he is crazy in the pet school, I will take him to my house and hit him. If he is crazy all day, I will eat him. I think he will be so yummy.
From, Sam

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