Who Are These Freaking Kids?

I’m seriously beginning to think that my 5:30 class is some sort of joke that I’m not in on. As in, I’m being filmed for my reaction to these smart-assed kids and Jerry Bruckheimer is going to use the footage in the next big reality-TV thingy.
We read a story today about JK Rowling (the chick who wrote "Harry Potter"). The kids were happy that I knew the books and movies (oh yah, I’m considered pretty cool by 9-year-old Korean kids, I tells ya) and they were really into the conversation. Well, I have to say that some of their discussion question answers really surprised me.
One of the questions asked who their favourite singer or band was, and where they were from. All the kids said someone Korean, except Eddie. Eddie said his favourite band is The Beatles. "They are from England, Teacher," he added… just in case I didn’t know. 
The next question where Eddie suprised me again asked who their favourite actor or actress was. Again, most of the kids either said a Korean or answered with "no one". Not Eddie. Of course not Eddie. Now look… I know Pirates is popular right now, but I didn’t expect him to answer "Johnny Depp".  Eddie had just become the coolest kid I know. Until we got to the third question.
The third question wanted to know what other books or movies were popular with both children and adults. The children did very well with this, they answered (mostly) correctly and well. But my favorite answer was from Lydia (even though technically, I realize it is incorrect), who said, "24 teacher! Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6!!!"
I freaking LOVE that child now. And I swear that is what she said. I could not make this shite up.

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