Happy Teacher's Day to ME!

So far, this week has been pretty fun.  Tuesday was Teacher’s Day, so it has felt a little like Christmas (but without any time off or my moms’ delicious turkey).  However, tomorrow is my dreaded "Open Class" day (when the wee monkeys’ parental units come in to watch their little turds speak English) and I’m sure I will return to my previous state of embitteredness at that time. So I thought I would type out the notes I have received over the last few days.  Some of them are pretty golden. (Note: the ages are North American ages, not Korean ages)
To Jodi teacher
Hello Jodi teacher I’m Lina.
When you are tired to teach me drink cup of tea. This tea name is Rubysipper. I want to learn english hard and I wish I could be a traveller. Sam wants to be traveller too. Your my teacher and I’m your student. I like you very much. Have a good luck. See you again. Good-bye.
From Lina  – Lina, aged 7 (who gave me some tea as a gift)
To: Jodi.t
"Hello, my name is Alice! Thank you that you teach me for two months. I’ll give you a carnaition. It made with ribbons.  My mom made it for you. Keep it careful.  I love you very much. Next time, I’ll be good at presentation. Have good days!
From: Alice  – Alice, aged 7
Hi Jodi teacher!
I am cathy.  I write the letter because Monday is teacher’s day.  I will give you present too. I want you like it. Thanks for teaching m. I will be a more gorod than now.  I will study more hard. I love you~~~!!!!
everyday, I will do all of my homework.  I will do my best ~! I love you very much. 
From Cathy  – Cathy, aged 8
Thank you for your teaching me very hard.
I like you.
I love you.  – David, aged 6
I give you prast techers day Jodi teacher  – Jenny 2, aged 7
To: Jodi teacher
Hi! I am justin. your beautiful. I was fun to meet you, but youy little bit funny.  From: Justin   – Justin, aged 7
To Jody teacher
Thanks for teaching me and have a nice day tomorrow!
From Joshua   – Joshua, aged 7
Thank you Jodi teacher
Happy teacher’s day
Eileen    – Eileen, aged 6
To Jodi T.
Thank you for teaching me!  I love you! Have a nice teacher’s day!!! – From, Sally K.   – Sally K., aged 8
– to Jodi teacher.
Hello Jodi teacher
tomorrow is teachers day. thank you for teaching me. you are pretty. I love you Jodi-teacher
– cindy   – Cindy, aged 8
To Jodi Teacher
Thank you teacher.
from Eric   – Eric, aged 8
To: Jodi teacher
From: Sam
Are you like me.
I like you
but you’re mean
teacher but I like you
I like I like
then I can’t see at
2% and see are 8%
I want sleep good bye.   – Sam, aged 7
Jodi Teacher
I love you and thank you very much.
Emily   – Emily, aged 6
Dear Jodi teacher,
Hello, Jodi teacher? I’m Emily. You know today is teacher’s day. Thank you for teach me. My teacher is change from Jodi to Sharon but I will miss you. You are nice teacher to me. I love you very much.  Good-bye!
Your student,
Emily   – Emily, aged 10
I love you
Joody teacher.
Thank you for teaching me.
Happy Teacher Day.   – Victoria, aged 6 (note: Woody used to be her teacher… I think that is where the spelling of "Joody" comes from – a combination of "Woody" and "Jodi".  Wait a minute… EW!)
Dear, Jodi-teacher
thak you for teaching me
I never see a nice teacher
I love you
from! Anika   – Anika, aged 7
Dear Miss Jodi ~
Thank you for paying generous attention to Anika. I don’t know your taste so I picked out something and I hope you like it.
From Anika’s mom
Here is one of the best cards EVER…
Dear Jodi,
Hello. Thank you for teaching me a English. And you are a funny teacher that I ever seen. But are you a monster? Your face is like a monster. Sorry for writing that question. It is a secret. Anthony is quite in your, but crazy in Amelia teacher class. You have many humor and smart. You are a good teacher. Love Matthew   – Matthew, aged 8
And finally, my most favourite…
To: Jodi teacher
I have an important message for you.
You’ve been a great help.
Thank you so much.
You’ve been so kind and generous as well as lots of fun.
I would send some hugs and kisses your way for everything.
Our child is lucky to have a caring teacher like you.
I may not say it always. But I mean it whenever I say it. Thank you teacher for all the things you hae done for Eric!
From: Eric’s mom and dad  – Eric is in my kindergarten class
I know this sounds cliche, but in the end, the cards and notes really will mean more to me than the gifts from Channel. When I read some of the notes (like the one from Eric’s parents) I feel like a really-real teacher, which is both frightening and cool at the same time. I also realize that I may actually be a "mean teacher" (as Sam so kindly points out in his note)… check out how many kids promised to do more homework, better presenations, or just to generally be better students.  All those threats to toss one of them out the window might actually be getting through to them.

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