5:30 Funnies

It is getting to the point where almost every 5:30 class one of those insane little monkeys (they ARE insane. Today Lydia brought in a live goldfish. When I asked her why she had it – a perfectly normal question, I would say – Lydia shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don’t know". How could she possibly NOT know why she is carrying a gold-freaking-fish around? HOW??) say something that cracks me up.  Here are some from the last few classes…
Lily had two good ones on the same page.  The first question was "What is an ingredient in a cake?"  Her answer?  "The ingredient in a cake is cake mix."  The other good one was "The spice that I like is spicy spice."
I also appreciate that when one of the children asked, "What is an Egyptian?", Eddie said, "like this" and proceeded to "walk like an Egyptian".
I know that they listen, because sometimes they throw things back at me that I know I taught them (perhaps not purposely) in the past. Sometimes they don’t get it quite right. Like when we were discussing bad smells and Emily came up with "like when someone throws their cookies." 
Emily also asked me the best question EVER during a spelling test today. She politely put up her hand and said, "Teacher, how do you spell ‘cooties’?"
Finally, my favourite moment from last week. Amelia-Teacher had come into the room to first borrow a dictionary and then to ask if I could think of any good metaphors. Well, then my class wanted to know what a metaphor and a simile were.
~Quick background note to the story~
It is allergy season, and almost every class Curie comes in with her eyes red and runny and sniffling. Poor thing.
~End quick background note~
I said, "MK is a monkey is a metaphor. MK is acting LIKE a monkey… that is a simile."
At this point Eddie pipes up and says, "Hey, I’ve got a metaphor for you.  Her eyes are as red as a rabbit’s ass."
I think he meant eyes.  But get this… I’ve been teaching too long. I didn’t even crack a smile (the LAST thing I need is for Eddie "Edwardo, Mayor of Cootietown" to know is that "ass" is a funny word).  I just looked at Eddie and said, "That was a simile" before moving on to the next question.

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