Wind 'Em Up

My 5:30 class has become ridiculous. Correction: MORE ridiculous. And the worst part is: I encourage it. I’m supposed to be the damned teacher but by the end of the day, I’m much happier if we are all laughing the entire time.
It started with Eddie. It ALWAYS starts with Eddie. He’s a bit of a turd but he’s fun to get all wound up.  Easy one today – he was sitting right beside me (and in a silly mood). He turned to me and said, "Teacher, MK is kicking me!"
To which I replied, "MK is KISSING you??"
Eddie thought that wasn’t very funny (even though he was laughing) so he trying to correct me, "Teacher, no. KICKING ME!"
So I leaned around Eddie, looked at MK and sternly said, "MK, I don’t care how many times Eddie asks you to do it. Stop kissing him! You kiss him again and you lose ten stickers."
Most of the class has lost it by this point, including Eddie and MK.  Eddie tried to fix the situation one more time by saying, "Teacher!  KICK ME!"
So I kicked him. HA!
And then I told him he was a nutbar for asking MK to kiss him and me to kick him.  Which made all of us laugh again.  I turned away from Eddie and at the other end of the table, Barbie and Lydia were losing their minds they were laughing so hard. Barbie started saying, "Teacher, stop… stop… my stomach hurts… teacher…"  and then she fell on the floor laughing.
At that point Lydia pipes up (note: Lydia sounds like a 40-year-old chain-smoking Vegas lounge singer. At age 10.) and says, "Teacher, I think she is going to lay a baby!"
I wind them up… they wind me up.  All in all, a good class to end the week on.

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