Bodily Harm IV

Why does everything have to go wrong this week? NO! EVERYTHING.  Yesterday I had no internet or I would have been bitching about my current eating habits earlier. I have been going through internet (read: Facebook) withdraws that were nearly as bad as my caffeine/alcohol/trans fat withdraws. True story.
The part I don’t want to admit is this: it is getting easier each day. I still hate vegetables and I’m not very happy with fruit… but it is getting easier. I’m not as hungry. Today was the first day I didn’t have to take Tylenol for my headaches. But I’m still cranky.
I certainly know that this is not the way I am meant to eat as I have been fantasizing about pizza instead of sex. There is something definitely wrong with that.  I think I would rather have my liver (and various other organs) pissed off at me than I would be obsessed about my food intake all the time. And that is what I am doing… obsessing.  L.A.M.E.
But I’m being told that I look "healthier" and more "energetic".  I would still love to punch someone in the nards if it meant I could drink a coffee. Hell, I take that back. I would just love to punch someone in the nards… no incentive needed.
On a more positive note… at least the internet is back! Hooray!

One response to “Bodily Harm IV

  1. Hahahah – nards!

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