Bodily Harm III

So, today was the first day that I made it through this bloody cleanse and I feel as though everyone else on the planet should undergo torture just so they feel as bad as I do.
I hate fucking vegetables.
And I’m beginning to wonder if this is not nature telling me something.  I mean, perhaps I have an allergy?  I certainly feel like throwing up after eating yet another tomato.  Hell, I can hardly spell the word "vegetable". I really have to think about it.
And fruit?  If I was meant to eat fruit why is it so messy?  Why isn’t it served with wetnaps?
The most frightening thing is that the first day is not the worst day.  Day two and three are supposed to be bad.
You know it is bad when I’m not even craving pizza anymore… I’m just craving anything that’s been fucking cooked.
Day one.  Oh man. I’m boned.

2 responses to “Bodily Harm III

  1. careybatgirl

    I believe in you

  2. Yes, fruit is only good if someone else does the work of cleaning, cutting, and serving it to you.  Preferably blended with ice and/or yoghurt/milk.

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