Bodily Harm

So, while I’ve been in Korea I have done a lot of good things FOR myself… and a lot of bad things TO myself in the meantime. My health has not been very good – I’m on week six or seven (I’m losing count) of having my current cold. So, in an attempt to get a hold of things, I’m doing a "cleanse" as suggested by my moms and outlined for me by her friend Vicki. It isn’t even that hard – just nothing to eat or drink but raw veggies and fruits (although not at the same meal), the occasional nut, water and tea. I mean – ha ha! – I don’t even have to cook, right? But I already am noticing that there is no coffee or beer on that list of allowable food so I’m already feeling as though everyone is in for a bad week. And I do mean everyone; if I’m miserable… well, I will need some company, right?
I wasn’t going to put this news into my blog, mostly because I didn’t want to be held accountable to following through with this (I was planning on quitting either later today when pizza came into the staff room – that’s inevitable now that I am not supposed to eat it – or tomorrow when the first caffeine headache hit).  But then I thought twice about it and I really would like to stick it through the seven days that I’m suppose to be on it. And this will be my way of making sure I do.  Chocolate and coffee cravings cannot possibly any worse than having to publicly admit to being a pussy about giving into said cravings.
We’ll see how this goes. 
I think the reason why I am worried about doing this is two-fold:
a. I don’t like vegetables (yah, yah, I’m freaking 10 years old).
b. I’m afraid of commitment (even if only for seven days).

One response to “Bodily Harm

  1. The shot in the ass didn\’t work then?  All I can say, you\’d better be over your cold when I arrive, because you\’re gonna need some beer with me staying at your place!
    Seriously though, I hope you do feel better.  As you know, I know how it feels to be sick, and in Korea, when you can\’t get a damned day off work, it\’s even worse.  Chin-up Wan-Kenobi.

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