The Transportation Museum

I’m not sure anymore whether I love field trips or hate them. On one hand, it is something different and it isn’t teaching. On the other, trying to keep ten kids together is often like trying to keep your sandcastle from sliding into the ocean when the tide comes in.
Today we went to the Transportation Museum which was beside Everland. How cruel! Korea’s largest amusement park just steps away, and we were going into a flipping museum.  It turned out to be fun though, and at least we weren’t so close that we could smell the carmel corn.
On the way there I was sitting beside Emily on the bus (she was my partner).  She’s a funny little kid. She was eating her snack (hot sause flavoured chips that were shaped like crabs, I shit you not) and occasionally sticking out her tongue to show me her food (which I couldn’t get mad at her for, as I taught her that trick… oopsie).  Victoria and Stephanie were sitting in the seat in front of us. Victoria kept sticking her hand back beside the window and asking Emily to share her crab chips. Which Emily did. It cracked me up though when Victoria had asked for the hundredth time and Emily finally just shoved the whole bag at her.  The best part was that Emily knew that what she did was funny. Which is why I like her.
The museum itself was pretty cool. There were a lot of cool cars… you can check out Flickr to see ’em.  My favourite moment of the entire day though was when I asked where the bathroom was:
"Bathrooms are beside the Delorean"
Best answer ever!!


One response to “The Transportation Museum

  1. the video of your kids is awesome! they\’re so cute! i looked at all your pics from your day, it looks like it was fun! 🙂

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