Happy Birthday

Before I toss some of the birthday cards I got (I don’t keep stuff like that forever… sorry), I thought I would type out some of the messages I got from the kids.
To Jodi Teacher. Happy birthday Jodi Teacher. I love you for ever. I am happy you are my teacher again. Wishing you many happy superises on your birthday. From Victoria (kindergarten)
Happy bithday Jodi Teacher. I love you. -Emily- (kindergarten)
Happy Birthday!!! Jodi Teacher!! I love you!  From Lauren (kindergarten)
(front) Happy Birthday! Birthday cake (with an arrow to the picture) (inside) Happy Birthday! Jodi Teacher  To Jodi Teacher Have a nice day! I love you. From Eric (kindergarten)
Jodi Teacher  Happy birthday! I made a book for you! The tittle is "The Great Tulip trade." You can read anytime you want. From: Alice (2:30, 8 years old)
Oona had her class do a card for me.  They are 8 years old. Here are their messages:
Thank you for teacing us! Jenn(2)!
I am 6 years old. Thank you for teaching me in your class. Chris
We love you very much! Judy
Happy Brithday Jodi Teacher! Jenny 1
Have a nice day!  Ohryong
Happy Birthday Jodi Teacher (Will)
The best though was from Jenny 2, a child in my Tuesday/Thursday grammar class that drives me crazy because she never does her homework… or listens in class. But she did give me the best birthday card ever.  It is a re-gifted Christmas card. It has "to Jenny" and "from Dylan" crossed out. Then Jenny wrote the following:
to Jodiy Techer
I love you
Jodiy Techer
from Jenny (2)
Then she drew some… well, I think she wanted them to be tulips but they look like hands giving me the finger. Well done, wee monkey! Well done!

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