Smart Little Monkeys

I’ve been making the monthly tests for my monsters when I realized something tonight: they are actually pretty fucking smart. I usually make jokes about them being retarded monkeys (and, for the most part, I feel like that description is fairly accurate) but then when it comes down to it, I suppose I should admit that they are actually pretty smart. And when I think that some of the kids (like Lily in my 5:30 class) can nearly ace a test like I give (97% on the last one!) I’m so freaking proud of them you can’t even imagine it.

I want to post the questions I am asking my 5:30 class here in my blog. Now, this may not be very interesting for those of you reading my blog (and, perhaps, some of you will stop after this post), but it may help me remember just what these kids had to do a few years from now.  Remember… these kids are 9 years old.  I expect full sentence answers out of them. In fact, I expect them to write paragraphs.  Here is the test.


For this part they have to pick 10 words to make sentences of 7 words or more.  The sentences have to show me that they understand the meaning of the word and then be grammatically solid (although not perfect) and interesting.

::Reading Comprehension::

1. In “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears”, the authors use made-up words like “mek”, “krik”, “kili wili”, and “KPOA!”.  Why do you think the authors use these words? When do they use them?  How do they make the story more interesting?

2. How is “Lon Po Po” like “Little Red Riding Hood”? How is “Lon Po Po” like other fairy tales? Which ones does it remind you of?  Please use specific examples from the story.

3. How much sleep do you get each night?  What kinds of things make you sleep badly or lose sleep? Why is sleep important?

4. Do you think laughter is important for good health?  Why or why not? How does laughing make you feel? What makes you laugh?

5. What is the meaning of your Korean name?  If you do not know, how could you learn the meaning of your Korean name?  Do you like your Korean name? Do you like your English name?  If you would like a new Korean or English name, what name would you choose?

6. How are table customs in Korea different than Canada and the USA?  How are they the same?  Are they the same as Thailand? What is different?  What is not polite to do at the table in Korea?

7. If our class was going to perform the play “The Crowded House”, which character would you want to be and why?  How does your character feel at the beginning, middle, and end of the play?

8. Who was your favorite character in Tom Sawyer? Why? How would the story be different if they were not in it?

9. Tom Sawyer has many adventures. Which adventure did you like the most? Why? Do you wish you could go on adventures like that?  What adventures do you have?

10. Many of the adults in “Tom Sawyer” think Tom is not a very good little boy.  What do you think? Are there times in the book when Tom is good? What are they? When is he not very good? Do you think Tom is smart? How do you know?


Lon Po Po is a Chinese story much like Little Red Riding Hood. Tell YOUR OWN version of a story like Little Red Riding Hood. Some things should be the same; but most things should be different!

Reading over these questions, I don’t know whether I should feel like an extremely mean teacher… or a kick ass one.

One response to “Smart Little Monkeys

  1. Your kids read Tom Sawyer??? I haven\’t even read Tom Sawyer… I have it, it is right over there on the bookshelf, but I have never read it… sigh
    you know now I want to hear the best answers you get from all these questions… lol

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