Stupid Spaces

I tried to post on the weekend, and it wouldn’t work. I have books to add to my booklist; feasts to feast; stories about retarded monkeys to share; birthday stories to fictionalize… and now the posts are finally working. It was very frustrating over the weekend though.
I had a lovely birthday, and thanks to all involved in that. My moms was the first to send some wishes – moms are the best for getting stuff in the mail on time! And moms… the game is pretty fun and I like it so far. However, I’m working with Greg now, and I often wish there was a "punch in the freaking face" option. I figure he’s too rookie to outrank me!  A nice surprise was a call from Mike – he managed to get me at 9:00am my time the day of which is perfect. Between then and my final surprise of the day, I had a good one. People at work were really cool about it and I did receive some lovely gifts from the monkeys. We went out for galbi that night (thanks for the necklace, Oona, I really do love it!) and then Amelia and I came back to my house. She and I watched some Eddie Murphy (ICE CREAM!) and then 24. Then we laughed ourselves sick over a particularly unflattering "sticker shot" picture I have of us on my phone (TURDS). We’re retarded. But the last lovely surprise was a call from Brendan (who I believe was in Hong Kong at the time). He couldn’t hear me (stupid Skype) but I could hear him and his well wishes. So thanks to everyone for being so nice and sending all the emails and cards and such. I really appreciate it.  I also want to say thanks and loves to Brittany, who called from Maine, USA (did the snow stay?) and to Holly who sent a sweet card with some nice pictures of home. Thanks again, y’all.
I also want to say a big, special thanks to Brookie, who organized a party for me on Saturday. We all headed out to Platinum for all you can eat and drink (and now I’m a member… thanks Yuni!) and then to Hongdae for debauchery.  I got to go to a Hookah bar and drank too many beers and other miscellaneous beverages. I was not well Sunday. It was a good way to spend my birthday.

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