Some Kids Rock; Some Kids are Snicky

I’ve gotten used to my new classes and they are pretty cool little kids. I really like my kinders and I will post pictures soon. Last week we did our first Monthly Test in the elementary classes, and I would like to brag for a moment about my old kinders. As some of you may know, my kids were supposed to be the third highest class at LCI. Well, third place is just the second loser… I couldn’t have that. So I worked my kids pretty hard all year to make sure they were top notch. The most recent Monthly Test results show that my kids are supremely kick-ass now that they are "2:30 big kids". I teach the top 2:30 class where Justin (new to LCI) got the top mark. Alice from my kinders took second. Aaron teaches the next highest class at 2:30. My kinder Jessica took top spot (with 98%!). Amelia teaches the third highest class. My monkey Monica took first place.  HOORAY! I’m so proud of those wee buggers!
But here are some (sigh) gems from my new classes. First, definitions. My goodness… can’t they just memorize these things?

Rotmany days went by than something is smell snicky

Casescases is you know pencil cases?  like that cases

Satisfied:  (sentence, not definition)  I think she was very satisfied because of that boy

Okay, granted the third one is only funny because I have a dirty mind. It is cool that I can laugh when I have the hugest pile of marking to do EVER on my desk. Speaking of which, I gave my 4:00 class an "open" topic for presentations. Here’s what John had to say:

My mom has two faces. My mother’s first face is pretty face. My mother’s second face is the monster face. She change to monster when my test score is "90". She changes to a pretty face when I am good. I don’t want to hear the monster voice. It is noisy. I want to hear a pretty voice. However I can’t hear that sound many time. I will endeavor don’t make my mother angry.

That’s unedited by me: the kid is a pretty good writer. I dig that he used the word "endeavor". Poor little bastard, I bet his mom is a terror.

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