Help Me… Flip You Off

So, I don’t think there is enough information about giving people the bird on the internet. I’m aware of the basics… extend middle finger… etc. 
But I’m more interested in the funniest ways you can think of to flip someone off…
Let me have it peeps, I’m trying to put together a list of the funniest ways to flip people off (like hold up three fingers and ask, "Can you read between the lines?").  I appreciate your help.
Note: This ( is pretty funny…

One response to “Help Me… Flip You Off

  1. I got the best one from one of the FUNNIEST fucking guys around.  Called the Su-Fi (SUPER FINGER).   Here\’s a litte back ground info  . . . I would do Dane Cook in a second. HOTNESS!! actually the Sufi has reached epidemic proportions  . .if you check out take a peeksy at the photo section tons of people creating interesting ways to promote su-fi (my faves are the fans creations, super cool!  Anyways this dane cook presentation has been brought to you by shamful plugs. bye girl

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