Juvenile Humour

Last week I had to read the following story with my 2:30 class. I was the only one laughing (until I got to the Teacher’s Room and read it out loud to Amelia).  Apparently I am the most immature person in a class of 7-year-olds. 
Get Chubby to the Tub
Uh, oh. Look at Chubby. He is wet and dirty. Oh, dear, he stinks. What did he do?  Where did he play?  I can’t stand him!
Excellent!  A tub, soap, and a hose are ready. Come here, my silly sweetie, Chubby, and I will give you a big bone… I know you will love the big bone.
Come on! My silly sweetie, Chubby, get in the tub. We will rub. We will scrub. We will get you clean.
Oh dear!  Where is he going?  Chubby is gone. Chase fat, stupid Chubby!
Oh no! Wet Chubby is rolling in the mud. I get him but Chubby gets away. Steve gets him but Chubby gets away! We are rolling in the mud. Finally I get him.
Oh my! Look at us. All of us are wet and muddy. We need a hot bath. Let’s get in the tub together.

One response to “Juvenile Humour

  1. All gay guys are named Steve.

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