Last night Chad and I went to see MUSE play at the Sports Complex in Seoul.  It was rough getting there, but it was a great concert.  We were about half an hour late, and worried about missing some of the show (there was no opening band). Fortunately, they started late and we got to catch the whole show. I was so happy! They played all the songs I wanted to hear… particularly Supermassive Black Hole. If I only get to see one concert while I am overseas, I’m happy that it was them. Their live show was amazing.  You should check them out sometime.
Here was a surprise: Koreans fucking LOVE MUSE.  Go figure. And stranger… they could sing all the words.  Weird!
I have pictures and I will post videos. Of course, none of them do the show any justice.  The sound is particularly bad on the video.  One of the videos is here… the other is here.

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