Kinder Grad

So, we had the graduation. And I may have lost it a little during the speach. Just maybe. But then the kids’ moms all lost it too and it was all good.  The very next day we were back in class (lame, I know) but half my kinders were missing. The little jerks took our last day together off! Lucky a-holes.  Out of the remainder, Esther’s mom brought us KFC ("chicken party") and then Jenny’s mom brought us a cake ("cake party").  It was good.
The older kids weren’t all that into it being our last day – they don’t care. My 2:30 class had to do work (and I gave them all hugs) and one of the moms at 4:00 brought us pizza ("pizza party"). It was all good. I’m keeping the 4:00 kids (they become my 5:30 class) so I just told them to piss off at the end of class. My 5:30 girls and I went to Baskin Robbins ("ice cream party" – it was a good day) and then played for most of the class. They work really hard. At the end of the class, I had to say goodbye "forever" to Gina (the poet) and Jessica as they are leaving for the new LCI.  When I hugged Gina, she pretended to hate it but I know she really loves me. She and I are a lot alike in that way… and in a lot of ways. I like Gina… imagine a little Korean me.  Now Jessica… Jessica is a sweetheart and I consider her to be a very special student. She works very hard and tries her best always.  Well, when it was go-home time, Jessica (who is Korean age 10) cried and cried and kept saying that she didn’t want to go to the new school. She nearly broke my heart, the little dirtbag.  She’s one that I may not have got to shove in my suitcase to take with me… but I’ll take her with me anyway. If you can dig what I’m saying without me having to go all sappy-assed on y’all and add "in my heart" to that last sentence.  Anyhoo, I got an email from her today that kicks ass…

Dear jodi teacher

I’m sorry that I didn’t mail you early.My computer was broken.

I think you are very lucky!Is it fun?

Celebrate your mom’s birthday!I guessed your mom would be really happy!What is that?

What is your birthday?

Thank you for icecream yesterdday!It was so delicious!thank you!

I’m really unhappy that I shoud go to Zukjeon school.I cried and cried.I was respected  you a lots.I don’t know what to say!I jusy wish I can meet you a lots!I will e-mail you often.oh,we did lots of things together.Thumb game and others game.I was really having a fun!Did you?I learned lots of things,a lots!Sometimes I felt like you are my cousins or my gave me dream and wish.I’m happy that I can  work for my wish.Actually,I wasn’t good at English and now too.But when I met you,I decided I would study hard so not make you disappoint. But today is happy day for koreans.Do you know what is day of today?Today is day of korea win from Japan.So let’s be happy!



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